Uncategorized July 7, 2020

Realtors See the Darndest Things…

When you’re in and out of homes for a living, you see some pretty unusual things. From surreal artwork and outlandish furnishings to quick-fix-it jobs and animal-related issues, working as a Realtor often means you have to be ready for anything.

The agents below fortunately had their phones on hand so they could share the more, um, unique aspects of the listings they visited. Have a look at their quirky finds!

Bringing the outdoors in

This black bear should definitely keep intruders at bay. Going beyond just a simple bear-skinned rug, this homeowner has the genuine article. One can only imagine if he (or she) stops unruly children in their tracks during open houses.

The opposite of a welcome mat

This sign really lets you know where you stand. It’s not exactly inviting and should do the trick when it comes to limiting unwelcome solicitors. Perhaps it’s a Halloween decoration? Here’s hoping.

Art gallery chic

It’s always interesting to check out a homeowner’s art collection and what we have here is definitely more eclectic than most. Still, this Realtor makes an important point about keeping the personal items to a minimum so buyers can envision their own belongings in the space. One thing’s for sure: these mannequins sure make it memorable.

Calling all pizza lovers

Let’s hope the agent in charge of this open house brought plenty of snacks because that bedding is going to make visitors hungry. (That’s a sentence you don’t read too often.) You can’t help but wonder if, while sleeping under a pepperoni pizza-themed comforter, you dream of food and wake up starving. Let’s never find out.

Fire hazard

Whenever there’s something in the home that presents a fire risk, it’s best to address it right away — but not with notes and Scotch tape! Replacing this appliance sooner rather than later is a wise idea.

Kitty in repose

Someone’s a fan of this feline for sure. What a tribute! Still, as lovely as this kitty is, that portrait may not appeal to every buyer. It’s probably best to stick with more neutral artwork.

What’s the backstory here?

This little fella will catch most visitors off guard. Let’s hope the homeowners own a surf shop and this mannequin just has the day off.

Exotic door decor

We’ve heard of animals ruining a showing, but that usually happens once buyers are inside. This snake looks quite content. Doesn’t appear he’s in favor of moving any time soon.

Strange footing

Sure, they’re colorful. But their presence begs the question: What are they hiding? Something rotten? Don’t worry, a home inspector will get to the bottom of it.

Housewarming gift idea

You’d expect a home listed for a half-million dollars would have a nicer mailbox. This proves that a little (or a lot of) tape can go a long way toward serving as a stop-gap measure. The temptation to use it for other repairs is understandable, but considering mailboxes aren’t too pricey and can add plenty of curb appeal, this seller should just bite the bullet and replace this pitiful postbox.

Another cat homage

A live cat flanked by candles would be odd enough… but a fake one? That kitty is so authentic, it definitely makes you look twice… but is that a good thing?!

Watch your head!

Tiny door or super-tall Realtor? Most likely the former. Unless buyers are going to turn that space into a kids-only hangout, this seller may want to consider making some adjustments.

A sling for the sink

This homeowner deserves points for creative DIY solutions (and a shout out to the strength of that duct tape!), but this is not what you want prospective buyers to remember about a listing. Time to call a plumber!