Uncategorized October 15, 2020

Are you a potential “Move Up” Buyer?

Is now a good time for a “Move Up” home purchase?  Absolutely! And here is why:


  • Mortgage rates have not been this low for an extremely long time
  • Nationally and locally, home inventory is extremely low
  • Because demand for homes is so high, home prices will continue to rise
  • As the economy starts to rebound, mortgage rates will rise also. Generally speaking, every quarter percent increase in mortgage rates is approximately equal to a 3% increase in your mortgage payment


If you are a potential “Move Up” buyer, before you consider refinancing, you should consider purchasing now before rates start to climb.  Take advantage of today’s historic low mortgage rates to purchase your next home and lock in a great rate!  Now is the time for you to sell and get into that bigger and better home, while the rates are still low!


There is no good reason to wait – this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Give me a call at 440-376-1748 to get started.