Uncategorized Buying a Second Home Overseas As a world traveler, you may revisit a country area again and again for its beauty, culture, people or lifestyle and decide you’d like to buy a second residence there. For your first step, The Philadelphia Inquirer recommends hiring a property lawyer in the country where you want to buy, as well as having a lawyer stateside […]
Uncategorized Built in, Outdoor Bar-b-que Grills Building an outdoor grill in your backyard can help you enjoy pleasant weather while providing your family with delicious meals. Whether you do it yourself, hire a landscape architect, or get a kitchen specialist to design your outdoor kitchen, you’ll take full advantage of your outdoor space and the comforts and entertainment it can provide. […]
Uncategorized Late Payments and Credit Scores Consumers who make late credit payments have no idea how badly their credit scores can be affected or how long it takes to repair the damage.  According to Nerdwallet.com, a late payment of 30 days or more can knock as many as 100 points off your credit score and stay on your credit report for up […]
Uncategorized Five Home Décor Trends for 2022 The way Americans use their homes has changed since the advent of the pandemic and has encouraged interior design trends for 2022.  These ideas are so smart, they’re likely to stick around even after the pandemic is over. Smart furniture – According to Puffy.com, the smart furniture industry is on track to reach $244 million by […]
Uncategorized Three Home Trends That Will Stay Around The way Americans use their homes has changed since the advent of the pandemic. Once many activities were significantly curtailed or eliminated, from going to the office or school, travel, gatherings, dining out, to theaters and other entertainment, homeowners spent more time at home. Here are some home design trends for 2022 that may stick […]
Uncategorized Outlook for Housing 2022 Housing was one of the strongest sectors of the economy for 2021, but rising interest rates and inflation are causing many to wonder if sales will continue as strong in 2022. Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS, believes the number of home sales will decline in 2022 but will still outpace pre-pandemic […]
Uncategorized How Inquiries Impact Your Credit Mortgage lenders depend on the information found in credit reports and credit scores. One of the numbers that cause fluctuations in a consumer’s credit scores is inquiries.Inquiries, according to Equifax.com, are “entries that appear on your credit report when your credit information is accessed by a legally authorized person or organization (including yourself).” Inquiries can include […]
Uncategorized The Most Critical Period for New Listings Your home’s marketing begins when your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional submits your listing to the local multiple listing service, or MLS. Brokers share their listings with other brokers in the MLS, making it the best chance of selling your home quickly and for the most money.During the critical first two weeks of marketing, your […]
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Uncategorized Replacing Light Fixtures Can Help You Sell Your Home When you’re planning to put your home on the market, you have to look at it through the eyes of potential buyers. Things that don’t bother you, or things that used to bother you, but you got used to, can be immediate turn offs for buyers. Replacing light fixtures can make your house more appealing. […]
Uncategorized Renting Out a Room in Your Home We’re living in a sharing economy, says Realtor.com, so it should be no surprise that 69% of homeowners in a recent survey would rent out part of their home if it had a separate entrance, kitchen and bathroom and 32% have already rented out a room, space or outdoor feature on their property. You can generate […]
Uncategorized How to Negotiate with Difficult Sellers Before you submit an offer to buy a home, you don’t know how the seller is going to respond. Some sellers are challenging – they don’t want complications or compromises. They can demand all-cash offers, no inspections and for you to pay over list price. The only thing you can do is make it hard […]
Uncategorized The Real Mortgage Rate – Or Is It? Advertised rates look tempting, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the rate you’ll pay. You have to qualify to receive the best rates with excellent credit and work histories. According to  BankofAmerica.com, interest rates are the annual cost of a loan to the borrower expressed as a percentage. The annual percentage rate or APR, is […]
Uncategorized Add Pizazz to Your Bland Kitchen Neutral kitchens are supposed to complement any décor, but they can become bland over time. What can you do to make your kitchen more exciting? Make it artsy Art galleries have neutral walls because they don’t compete with the art, so hang a colorful abstract painting in a key location. Have fun with artistic-themed dishtowels, placemats, […]
Uncategorized How Much Paint Should You Buy? Conventional wisdom says that it takes approximately one gallon of paint to cover a room up to 400 square feet, but this is a single-coat estimate is for a small room like a bathroom, according to Glidden.com. But other variables impact how much paint you should buy, such as the size and number of doors to […]
Uncategorized How to Spot Termite Damage Termites look like ants with white wings that eat wood and can cause considerable damage to your home. These are some signs that you might have an infestation: You can hear them in your walls. Faint movement and tapping could be termites. Look for tiny holes in your sheetrock, plaster, wallpaper and moldings. Dirt channels or […]
Uncategorized Ways Your Monthly Payments Can Change This is one of the best times to get a fixed-rate mortgage. Since interest rates have hovered near record lows for years, they’re bound to go up rather than further down. You could get lower mortgage payments temporarily with an adjustable rate mortgage or hybrid loan that employs a fixed rate for five years or […]
Uncategorized Slowing Sales Create Opportunity After an astonishing 114 consecutive months of year-over-year home price gains, existing home sales eased two percent on a seasonally adjusted annual rate between July and August 2021.  Have rising home prices finally become too much for homebuyers? Not yet. The median existing-home sales price rose 15% year-over-year, according to The National Association of REALTORS (NAR), largely […]
Uncategorized Should You Refinance to 15 Years? Appraisals establish the value of a given home, making them extremely important to lenders, tax authorities, the housing industry, the economy, builders, buyers, and sellers. They’re integral to building home equity and wealth, giving advantages to some homeowners and disadvantages to others. Many lenders use automated valuation models to save time and money more so than to […]
Uncategorized Preventing Expired Listings When a seller signs a listing agreement with a real estate agent, they’re giving the agent exclusive rights to sell the home for the duration of the contract. Because agents and their brokers bear the cost of marketing the seller’s listing, most listing contracts run between six months and as long as a year. The […]
Uncategorized Planting Winter Garden Vegetables According to some experts, the term winter garden is a misnomer. Winter garden plants mature and are ready to eat when the winter months come around. They’re able to tolerate chilly rains and big drops in temperature. With the right timing and care, you can cultivate your own winter vegetable garden that will provide delicious […]